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Free Spiritual Healing for People and Animals. Spiritual Healing is a profound holistic system to help regain and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. It is powerful and it is gentle and it is free! A healer acts as a conduit or channel through which healing energies flow to the client. This also works for animals. There is no limit to what healing may do. It can help with illnesses ranging from the apparently minor through to what may clinically be termed life threatening. It can help heal physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions simply and non-invasively, sometimes to a remarkable degree. Healing can stand alone as a therapy and has no harmful side effects yet it is complementary to other therapies as well as with the treatment your doctor prescribes. If you would like healing please contact fully qualified and experienced practitioner (Rotherhithe based). Please message me for phone number or you can arrange for an appointment through my booking form.


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Laine Dee recommends Spiritual Soul Healing. July 20 · This healing was recommended by a friend as a last ditch attempt to overcome my panic attacks and it is the most relaxing thing I have ever …
Laine Dee
Excellent! I have been twice now and have my next appointment booked. I had severe asthma and now my breathing is already improving quite a lot. You can actually feel the tingling and the energy as …
Elle Reese
he most amazing experience ever. I went with severe stress and anxiety and also suffering a bad back. After just one session I felt so much better and slept like a log which is more than I have done …
Lorri James

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